Summarized Program (Book of Abstracts)

2 April 3 April 4 April
      8.30 Registration   8.00 Registration  
      09:00 Invited Lecture - Rudy McDaniel   08:00 Session 5: Sensors and haptics for Games  
      9.50 Session 3: Games for Children   09:20 Round Table: Augmented and Virtual Reality in Health  
      10:50 Coffee Break   10:10 Poster Session & Coffee Break  
      11:10 Session 4: Healthcare Training II   10:50 Session 6: Education  
12:00 Registration   12:30 Lunch   12:50 Closing Session  
13:00 Opening Session   14:00 SPECIAL TRACK - On Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wearable Technologies     Best Paper Award
Wrap-up + Announcement of SEGAH 2018
13:10 Invited Lecture - David Gibson    
14:00 Session 1: Healthcare Training I   17:30 Conference Dinner    
15:40 Coffee Break              
16:00 Session 2: Rehabilitation            

Detailed Program

2 April
12:00 Registration
13:00 Opening Session
13:10 Analytic and Strategic Challenges of Serious Games:How higher education learning and teaching can learn from serious game developers
Invited Lecture - David Gibson, Director of Learning Futures, Curtin University, Australia
Session 1: Healthcare Training I
14:00 Game-based Cultural Competence Training in Healthcare
    Simon Mayr, Sebastian Schneider, Lev Ledit, Stefan Bock, David Zahradnicek and Stefan Prochaska
14:20 Using simulated digital role plays to teach healthcare 'soft skills'
    Stefan Schutt, Dale Linegar, David Holloway and Daan Deman
14:40 A Virtual Online Environment for Testing the Effect of Social and Physical Context on the Effectiveness of Health Warning Messages
    David Glance, Ye'Elah Berman, Simone Pettigrew, Michelle Jongenelis, Tanya Chikritzhs, Wenbin Liang, Iain S Pratt and Terry Slevin
15:00 Integrating Big Data Analytics, Virtual Reality, and ARAIG to Support Resilience Assessment and Development in Tactical Training
    Carolyn Mcgregor, Brendan Bonnis, Brodie Stanfield and Michael Stanfield
15:20 Positive Design of Smart Interactive Fabric Artifacts for People with Dementia
    Graham Mann and Giles Oatley
14:40   Cofee Break
Session 2: Rehabilitation
16:00 A Usability Evaluation of Neuromender's Upper Limb Game-based Rehabilitation System for Stroke Survivors
    Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin, Shri Rai, Gowshik Murali Krishnan, Mike Newton, Xuequn Wang, Ferdous Sohel, David Blacker and Michelle Byrnes
16:20 Neuromender::FlexiBrains - A game-based remotely supervised autonomous in-home rehabilitation system for cognitive retraining of stroke survivors
    Shri Rai, Mohd Fairuz Shiratuddin, Mark Carriedo, Andrew Harrison, Khalid Saleh, Mike Newton, Robert Herne, David Blacker and Michelle Byrnes
16:40 MPRL: Multiple-Periodic Reinforcement Learning for Difficulty Adjustment in Rehabilitation Games
    Yoones A. Sekhavat
17:00 An Interactive Full Body Exercise Experience for Patients suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis
    Jayati Bandyopadhyay and Girish Dalvi
17:20 Robotic-assisted serious game for motor and cognitive post-stroke rehabilitation
    Sophie Heins, Stéphanie Dehem, Vincenza Montedoro, François Rocca, Pierre-Henri De Deken, Martin Gareth Edwards, Bruno Dehez, Matei Mancas, Gaetan Stoquart and Thierry Lejeune
17:40 Computational Thinking (CT) and Rebel Game Design: CT in Health Games
    Hock Chuan Lim
18:00 A Paradigm for the Development of Serious Games for Health as Benefit Delivery Systems
    Gary Ushaw, Janet Eyre and Graham Morgan/td>
3 April
08:30   Registration
09:00   The ethics of serious games for health
Invited Lecture - Rudy McDaniel - Director of the School of Visual Arts and Design, University of Central Florida, FL, USA
Session 3: Games for Children
09:50 Designing Games to Help Train Children to Use Prosthetic Arms
    Peter Smith and Matt Dombrowski
10:10 A Serious Game for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as A Tool for Play Therapy
    Alejandra Ornelas Barajas, Hussein Al Osman and Shervin Shirmohammadi
10:30 EnCity: A Serious Game for Empowering Young People with Down's Syndrome
    Aikaterini Bourazeri, Tyrone Bellamy-Wood and Sylvester Arnab
10:50   Coffee Break
Session 4: Healthcare Training II
11:10 ASPIRA: Employing a Seruis Game in an mHealth App to Improve Asthma Outcomes
    Jamie Thomson, Chris Hass, Ivor Horn, Elizabeth Kleine, Stephanie Mitchell, Kevin Gary, Ishrat Ahmed, Derek Hamel and Ashish Amresh
11:30 Through the Eye of the Master: The Use of Virtual Reality in the Teaching of Surgical Hand Preparation
    Ben Harrison, Raoul Oehmen, Anitra Robertson, Brett Robertson, Penny De Cruz, Riaz Khan and Daniel Fick
11:50 Piloting Mobile Mixed Reality Simulation in Paramedic Distance Education
    James Birt, Emma Moore and Michael Cowling
12:10 NutritionRush - A Serious Game to Support People with the Awareness of Their Nutrition Intake
    René Baranyi, Bernhard Steyrer, Lukas Lechner, Gevher Agbektas, Nadja Lederer and Thomas Grechenig
12:30 Lunch
SPECIAL TRACK: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wearable Technologies
14:00 The effect of virtual reality in reducing preoperative anxiety in patients prior to arthroscopic knee surgery: A randomised controlled trial
    Anitra Robertson, Rajitha Gunaratne, Daniel Fick, Riaz Khan, Hunter Hoffman, Ramesh Rajan, Vanessa Bowden, Shanil Yapa and William B Robertson
14:20 Minimizing cyber sickness in head mounted display systems: design guidelines and applications
    Thiago M. Porcino , Esteban Clua, Daniela Trevisan, Cristina N. Vasconcelos, Luis Valente
14:40 Fun-Knee™: A Novel Smart Knee Sleeve for Total-Knee-Replacement Rehabilitation with Gamification
    Yang Qiu, Kun Man Li, Eng Chuan Neoh, Huiguo Zhang, Xin Yue Khaw, Xiuyi Fan and Chunyan Miao
15:00 Developing Virtual Patients with VR/AR for a Natural User Interface in Medical Teaching
    Marjorie Zielke, Djakhangir Zakhidov, Gary Hardee, Leonard Evans, Sean Lenox, Nick Orr, Dylan Fino and Gautham Mathialagan
15:20 The Possibilities of Embroidered Passive UHF RFID Textile Tags as Wearable Moisture Sensors
    Dawood Shuaib, Sari Merilampi, Leena Ukkonen and Johanna Virkki
15:40 Virtually Controlled Robotic Arm using Haptics
    Kiran Kulkarni, Abhijit Murgod and Vasudev Parvati
16:00 Detecting and Exploiting Periodicity in Activity Classification
    Liana E. Taylor, Umran A. Abdulla, Michael G. Barlow and Ken Taylor
17:30 Conference Dinner
4 April
Session 5: Sensors and haptics for Games
08:00 Playing with and without Biofeedback
    Mohammad Zafar, Beena Ahmed and Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna
08:20 A Virtual Environment for Breast Exams Practice with Haptics and Gamification
    André Luiz Brazil, Aura Conci, Esteban Clua, Leonardo Kayat Bittencourt and Lúcia Blondet Baruque
08:40 Precision of Control as a Function of Control Scheme: Implications for Serious Exertion Games from a Flow Perspective
    Erandi Lakshika and Michael Barlow
09:00 Effects of Reactive and Strategic Game Mechanics in Motion-based Games
    Aseel Berglund, Erik Berglund, Fabio Siliberto and Erik Prytz
09:20   Round Table: Augmented and Virtual Reality in Health

David Gibson, Director of Learning Futures, Curtin University, Australia
Rudy McDaniel, Director of the School of Visual Arts and Design, University of Central Florida, FL, USA
Marjorie Zielke, Director of the Center for Modeling and Simulation, The University of Texas at Dallas, TX, USA
Brett Robertson, Director at Surgical Realities, WA, Australia
Sara de Freitas (Session Chair), SEGAH 2017 General Co-Chair
Poster Session
10:10 Use of Assistive Technology to Accommodate Students with Writing Disabilities
    Onintra Poobrasert, Thaphat Mupattararot and Lattapol Sae-que
  Hemineglect assessment and rehabilitation using a robotic serious game
    Vincenza Montedoro, Stephanie Dehem, Marie Alsamour, Thierry Lejeune, Daniel Galinski, Sophie Heins, Bruno Dehez, Gaetan Stoquart and Martin Edwards
  Assessment of upper limb motor impairments in children with cerebral palsy using a rehabilitation robot and serious game exercise
    Stephanie Dehem, Vincenza Montedoro, Martin Gareth Edwards, Sophie Heins, Daniel Galinski, Bruno Dehez, Gaetan Stoquart, Isaline Brouwers and Thierry Lejeune
  Protection of parathyroid glands in thyroid surgery and treatment of postoperative hypocalcemia
    Xue-Hai Bian and Hui Sun
  Serious Game on Recognizing Categories of Waste, to Support a Zero Waste Recycling Program
    Balu M Menon, Unnikrishnan R, Alexander Muir and Bhavani R Rao
    The Untapped Benefit of Doing Almost Nothing: Massively Scalable Learning via Games and Exploration
    Dominicus Tornqvist, Lian Wen and Jennifer Tichon
  D.R.E.A.M.S. (Digital Rehabilitation Environment-Altering Medical System)
    Marko Suvajdzic, Azra Bihorac and Parisa Rashidi
  Playing against dengue Design and development of a serious game to help tackling dengue
    Tiago Lima, Breno Barbosa, Carlos Niquini, Camila Araújo and Raquel Lana
  Memori: A Serious Game for Diagnosing and Treating Visual Sequential Memory Deficit
    Ayşe Rumeysa Mohammed, Ammar Rashed and Shervin Shirmohammadi
  A Serious Game for Children with Speech Disorders and Hearing Problems
    Nahid Nasiri, Shervin Shirmohammadi and Ammar Rashed
  LA-VIE: A Serious Game for Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
    Ajmal Rana Muhammad, Farooq Ahmad, Hamza Latif Muhammad and Junaid Alam
  MyEyes- Automatic Combination System of Clothing Parts to Blind People: First insights
    Daniel Rocha, Vitor Carvalho, Eva Oliveira, Joaquim Gonçalves, Filipe Azevedo
  Classification algorithms for body posture
    Sílvia Silva, Sandro Queirós, António Moreira, Nuno Rodrigues, Fernando Veloso, Eva Oliveira and João L. Vilaça
  Brain-Function Analysis of Changes in Female Hearing Induced by Childbearing
    Hiroko Kotani, Misa Kato, Aki Nishiyama, Kasumi Kuramoto, Maka Matsuno and Hidenori Nakagawa
  Towards the development of a serious game that targets psychological stressors of the workplace
    Houssemedine Yahyaoui and Bob-Antoine Jerry Menelas
  Instrumented vest for postural reeducation
    Pedro Carvalho, Sandro Queirós, António Moreira, José Henrique Brito, Fernando Veloso, Miguel Terroso, Nuno F. Rodrigues and João L. Vilaça
  Serious games design considerations for people with Alzheimer's disease in developing nations
    Sanda Samarasinghe, Hiran Weerasinghe, Yamaya Ekanayaka, Madawa Weerasooriya, Roshan Rajapakse and Diyunugal Wijesinghe
    More Attention, Less Deficit: Wearable EEG-Based Serious Game for Focus Improvement
    Alaa Eddin Alchalabi, Amer Nour Eddin and Shervin Shirmohammadi
Session 6: Education
10:50 Predicting Math Performance of Children With Special Needs Based on Serious game
    Umi Laili Yuhana, Remy Geovany Mangowal, Siti Rochimah, Eko Mulyanto Yuniarno and Mauridhi Hery Purnomo
11:10 MathBharata: A Serious Game for Motivating Difabled Students to Study Mathematics
    Remy Giovanny Mangowal, Umi Laili Yuhana, Eko M. Yuniarno and Mauridhi Hery Purnomo
11:30 Towards the development of a serious game that targets psychological stressors of the workplace
    Houssemedine Yahyaoui and Bob-Antoine Jerry Menelas
11:50 Developing Serious Games to Promote Cognitive Abilities for the Elderly
    Hongmei Chi, Edward Agama and Zornitza Genova Prodanoff
12:10 The Cognitive Mobile Games for Older Adults - A Chinese User Experience Study
    Sari Merilampi, Antti Koivisto, Andrew Sirkka, Xu Xiao, Yan Min, Lin Ye, Xiao Chujun, Jiani Chen, Pasi Raumonen and Johanna Virkki
12:30 Universal Tools for Measuring Games and Learning: Dynamic Causal Nets
    Dominicus Tornqvist, Lian Wen and Jennifer Tichon
12:50 Closing Session
  Best Paper Award
  Wrap-up + Announcement of SEGAH 2018