Summarized Program
5 August   6 August   7 August  
      08.30 Registration   08.30 Registration  
      9:00 Invited Lecture - Yen-Wei Chen   9:00 Invited Lecture - Cristian Chihaia  
      9:50 Session 3: Game design and social   9:50 Session 6: Cognitive Games  
      11:10 Coffee Break   10:50 Coffee Break  
      11:30 Session 4: Sensors/AI   11:10 Session 7: Exergames  
      13:10 Lunch   13:10 Lunch  
12:00 Registration              
13:00 Opening Session   14:10 Session 5: Applications for Healthcare   14:00 Special Track - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wearable Technologies  
13:10 Invited Lecture - Akihiro Saito   15:30 Social Event   15:20 Poster Session & Coffee Break  
14:00 Session 1: Rehabilitation         16:20 Session 8: VR Therapy  
16:00 Coffee Break         17:20 Closing Session  
16:20 Session 2: Education   18:00 Conference Dinner     Best Paper Award   
      Wrap-up + Announcement of SEGAH 2020
Detailed Program
5 August
12:00 Registration      
13:00 Opening Session      
13:10 Invited Lecture      
  Akihiro Saito      
14:00 Session 1: Rehabilitation
14:00 Procedural constrained story generation based on Propp's and Fabula models      
  Riccardo Cantoni, Jacopo Essenziale, Manuel Pezzera, Renato Mainetti and N. Alberto Borghese      
14:20 Approaches for increasing patient's engagement and motivation in exer-games-based autonomous telerehabilitation      
  Manuel Pezzera, Alessandro Tironi, Jacopo Essenziale, Renato Mainetti and N. Alberto Borghese      
14:40 An Empathic Virtual Caregiver for assistance in exer-game-based rehabilitation therapies      
  Alessandro Tironi, Renato Mainetti, Manuel Pezzera and N. Alberto Borghese      
15:00 Reha@Stroke - A Mobile Application to Support People Suffering from a Stroke Through Their Rehabilitation      
  René Baranyi, Pawel Czech, Florian Walcher, Christoph Aigner and Thomas Grechenig      
15:20 3D Body Image Perception and Pain Visualization Tool for Upper Limb Amputees      
  Cosima Prahm, Kevin Bauer, Agnes Sturma, Laura Hruby, Anna Pittermann and Oskar Aszmann      
15:40 MyoBeatz: Using music and rhythm to improve prosthetic control in a mobile game for health      
  Cosima Prahm, Fares Kayali and Oskar Aszmann      
16:20 Session 2: Education      
16:20 A Rewarding Framework for Multiplayer Serious Games based on Competitive Reinforcement      
  Yoones A. Sekhavat      
16:40 Training Players to Analyze Age-Related Macular Degeneration Optical Coherence Tomography Scans using a Human Computation Game      
  Corey Clark, Myque Ouellette and Karl Csaky      
17:00 Using Design-Based Research to Develop a Virtual Human Interface for Police Nystagmus Training      
  Marjorie Zielke, Djakhangir Zakhidov, Joel Rizzo, Erik DeFries, Laay Trivedi Trivedi, Cecelia Marquart, Matthew Dusek and James Prochaska      
17:20 A Game Based Intervention to Promote HPV Vaccination among Adolescents      
  Ashish Amresh, Angela Chen and Tyler Baron      
17:40 Moving Beyond Branching: Evaluating Educational Impact of Procedurally-Generated Virtual Patients      
  Dmitriy Babichenko, Marek Druzdzel, Neal Benedict, Gary Tabas and James McGee      
18:00 Care 4 Supply      
  Ton Spil, Wouter Versluijs and Ingrid Vliegen      
18:20 A Picture-based Serious Game to Train Non-medical People for Emergency Situations      
  Stéphane Gobron, Sylvie Chatelain, Christophe Bolinhas and Domingos Correia de Oliveira      
6 August
9:00 Invited Lecture - Computational Anatomy, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in Medicine and Healthcare      
  Yen-Wei Chen      
09:50 Session 3: Game design and social      
9:50 Promoting emotional well-being withAngry Birds-like Gameplay on Pixel Image Levels      
  Jingdi Xu, Sunee Sae-Lao, Pujana Paliyawan and Ruck Thawonmas      
10:10 The adoption of a serious game to foster interaction between the elderly and the youth      
  Tom Kolthoff, Ton Spil and Hai Nguyen      
10:30 Fostering Social Media Literacy through a Participatory Mixed-Methods Approach: Discussion of Workshop Findings      
  Barbara Göbl, Dayana Hristova, Suzana Jovicic, Marie-France Chevron, Thomas Slunecko and Helmut Hlavacs      
10:50 Design process of an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) as a strategy to foster social support and well-being of mothers of children with ASD      
  Nohemí Lugo Rodríguez and María Elena Melón Jareda      
11:30 Session 4: Sensors/AI      
11:30 Human Voice Emotion Identification Using Prosodic And Spectral Feature Extraction Based On Deep Neural Networks      
  Agustinus Bimo Gumelar, Afid Kurniawan, Adri Gabriel Sooai, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo, Eko Mulyanto Yuniarno, Indar Sugiarto, Agung Widodo, Andreas Agung Kristanto and Tresna Maulana Fahrudin      
11:50 Analyzing Player Engagement for Biofeedback Games      
  Lamana Mulaffer, M. Abdullah Zafar and Beena Ahmed      
12:10 An Interactive Game to aid with Anxiety Management      
  Shiksha Dheda and Reolyn Heymann      
12:30 Analysis of Inverse Kinematics Solutions for Full-Body Reconstruction in Virtual Reality      
  Polona Caserman, Philipp Achenbach and Stefan Göbel      
12:50 Clothing-integrated RFID-based Interface for Human-Technology Interaction      
  Adnan Mehmood, Shoaib Qureshi, Xiaochen Chen, Han He, Shahbaz Ahmed, Sari Merilampi, Pasi Raumonen, Leena Ukkonen and Johanna Virkki      
14:10 Session 5: Applications for Healthcare      
14:10 Scenario-based Serious Game to Teach about Healthcare      
  Renée Schulz, Berglind Smaradottir, Joakim Torblå Olsen and Andreas Prinz      
14:30 Modelling and Forecasting the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Cases Number Using Hybrid Fuzzy-ARIMA      
  Wiwik Anggraeni, Abdolatul Abdillah, Pujiadi Pujiadi, Lulus Tjondro Trikoratno, Radityo Prasetianto Wibowo, Mauridhi Hery Purnomo and Yeyen Sudiarti      
14:50 BraPolar: an M-Health Application for Remote Monitoring of People with Bipolar Disorder      
  Abel González Mondéjar, Greis Francy M. Silva-Calpa, Alberto Barbosa Raposo and Daniel Correa Mograbi      
15:10 A new approach of developing games for motor rehabilitation using Microsoft Kinect      
  Francisco M. A. de Araújo, Nuno M. Fonseca Ferreira, Salviano F. S. P. Soares, António Valente, Paulo Roberto F. Viana Filho and Jesus A. Adad Filho      
7 August
9:00 Invited Lecture      
  Cristian Chihaia      
09:50 Session 6: Cognitive Games      
9:50 Design and evaluation of computerized cognitive games to improve cognitive performance in multiple sclerosis: A correlation and validation study      
  Anat Achiron, Roy Aloni, Bernard Croisile, Michael Gurevich, Glen Doniger and Franck Tarpin-Bernard      
10:10 A Serious Game for Measuring and Displaying Mathematics Competencies of Disabled Students      
  Umi Laili Yuhana, Remy Giovanny Mangowal, Eko Mulyanto Yuniarno, Siti Rochimah and Mauridhi Hery Purnomo      
10:30 Serious games for ageing: a pilot interventional study in a cohort of heterogeneous cognitive impairment      
  Marco Simões, Rui Abreu, Helio Goncalves, Ana Rodrigues, Ines Bernardino and Miguel Castelo-Branco      
11:10 Session 7: Exergames      
11:10 A Smart Chair Physiotherapy Exergame for Fall Prevention      
  Sari Merilampi, Kyle Mulholland, Venni Ihanakangas, Jonna Ojala, Pauli Valo and Johanna Virkki      
11:30 Interactive Modular Tile Physiotherapy Exergame Intervention for Fall Prevention in Older Adults      
  Kyle Mulholland, Sari Merilampi      
11:50 Exercise Intensity in Exergaming: An approach by GameFit.      
  Khasnur Abd Malek, Mazapuspavina Md-Yasin, Ilham Ameera Ismail, Zahirah Tharek, Nik Munirah Nasir, Hashbullah Ismail, Hock Chuan Lim, Mohamed Fareq Malek and Nahar Azmi Mohamed      
12:10 Arm Exercises for Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury: Exergaming versus Arm Cranking      
  Maziah Mat Rosly, Mark Halaki, Hadi Mat Rosly, Nazirah Hasnan, Ruby Husain and Glen M Davis      
12:30 Twelve Ways to Reach for a Star: Player Movement Strategies in a Whole-Body Exergame      
  Sruti Subramanian, Yngve Dahl, Nina Skjæret Maroni, Beatrix Vereijken and Dag Svanæs      
12:50 SPR1NG Controller: An Interface for Kinesthetic Spatial Manipulation      
  Tomás Henriques      
14:00 Special Track - Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Wearable Technologies
14:00 Solitaire Fitness: Design of an asynchronous exergame for the elderly to enhance cognitive and physical ability      
  Jaime Garcia, Natassja Sundara, Georgette Tabor, Valerie Gay and Tuck Leong      
14:20 CalorieKiller: Burning Calories using Mobile Exergame with Wearables      
  Saarah Reiaz, Ilef Mcharek, Ruqaiya Shabbir, Debobroto Talukder, Rajeev Udasi, Hock Chuan Lim, Mohamed Fareq Malek and Khasnur Abd Malek      
14:40 Piloting Multimodal Learning Analytics using Mobile Mixed Reality in Health Education      
  James Birt, Darryl Clare and Michael Cowling      
15:00 Evaluating A VR-based Box and Blocks Test for Automatic Assessment of Manual Dexterity: A Preliminary Study in Parkinson's Disease      
  Edwin Daniel Oña Simbaña, Alicia Cuesta Gomez, Jaime A. Garcia, William Raffe, Patricia Sanchez-Herrera, Roberto Cano de la Cuerda and Alberto Jardon      
15:20 Poster Session
  Automated Language Deficit Diagnostics with the Token Test App: Test-Retest Reliability and Practice Effects      
  Yulia Akinina, Roelien Bastiaanse and Olga Soloukhina      
  Experience with Mediktor (artificial intelligent) in patients attended in an emergency department in San Ignacio University Hospital in Bogotá (Colombia)      
  Ariel Cortés, Leonar Aguiar, Oscar Garcia-Esquirol, Atilio Moreno, Sahir Camilo Basto, Carlos Tovar and Nelson Ardon      
  Analysis with a serious game for teaching ICD-10 diagnosis coding to medicine students      
  Ariel Cortés, Sandra Agudelo-Londoño, Iouri Gorbanev, Vivian Delgadillo, Oscar Muñoz, Rafael A. González and Alexandra Pomares      
  Design of the Dance Exercise Game for Older Adults with Wearable Motion Capture Sensing Technology      
  Kyungeun Park and Taesuk Kihl      
  Biofabrication VR- The Hospital of the Future: A Serious Game for Patient Education      
  Mathilde R. Desselle, Ross A. Brown and Maria A. Woodruff      
  Optimization of Physician Task Scheduling Under Stochastic Processing Times      
  Shih-Cheng Horng and Shieh-Shing Lin      
  Assigning Creative Commons Licenses to Accompany the Accessibility      
  Florens Debora Patricia and Harsa Wahyu Ramadhan      
  Development of a Model of Radioactive Plume Path Program for Accident Scenario Response Readiness      
  Leon Mohorovic, Alex Asaro, Laurence Gemmell-Brown, Kody Wood, Talib Rashdi, Yiren Cao, Katie Sebele, Sharman Perera, Alvaro Uribe Quevedo, Edward Waller and Akira Tokuhiro      
  Development of a Model for Attenuating Radiation in VR for Nuclear Safety Awareness      
  Minh Nguyen, Julia Smith, Braedon Carr, Nicole Allison, Jackson Rushing, Thomas Lindo, Tyler Shamon, Sharman Perera, Alvaro Uribe Quevedo, Edward Waller and Akira Tokuhiro      
  Digital Game Devices with Physiological Measurement: Gaming as a Health Management and Measurement Tool      
  Mitsuhiro Ogawa      
  Learning through improvisational play: design strategies for serious games      
  Brigid Costello      
  Engagement Levers for Therapists and Patients in a Context of Cognitive Rehabilitation of Executive Functions With the Serious Game S'TIM      
  Julie Golliot      
  Interactive Rhythm Making System by using Tablet and Large Scale Display      
  Akito Maeda, Katsuhiko Onishi and Atsushi Yamaji      
  Towards a Game-Design Framework for Evidence-Based Clinical Procedure Libraries      
  Renée Schulz, Santiago Martinez and Takahiro Hara      
  Sleepy Style Music through Variational Autoencoder      
  Wenwen Ouyang, Ruoyu Gao, Pujana Paliyawan, Ruck Thawonmas and Tomohiro Harada      
  GameAAL - Gamification applied to ambient assisted living      
  Marco Simões, Helio Goncalves, Rui Abreu, Marta Pinto, Mario Pereira and Miguel Castelo-Branco      
  Effects of Angry Birds-like Live Streaming on Working Memory      
  Febri Abdullah, Changeun Yang, Pujana Paliyawan, Ruck Thawonmas, Tomohiro Harada and Fitra A. Bachtiar      
  Application of Simple Game to Rapid Measurement of Cognitive Function in Maternal Brain      
  Hiroko Kotani, Masako Sugai, Kasumi Kuramoto, Misa Kato, Maka Matsuno and Hidenori Nakagawa      
  Scaling the assessment of emotion regulation effectiveness with a low-cost psychophysiological system      
  Pedro Moreira, Pedro Chaves, Pedro Almeida and Nuno Dias      
  Synthetic infant head shapes with deformational plagiocephaly: concept and 3D model parameterization      
  Fernando Veloso, Helena Torres, João Gomes-Fonseca, Bruno Oliveira, António Pinho, Jorge Correia-Pinto, Pedro Morais and João L. Vilaça      
  iSVC - Digital Platform for Detection and Prevention of Computer Vision Syndrome      
  Fábio Vieira, Eva Oliveira and Nuno Rodrigues      
  Diagnosis of children's vision problems through video games      
  José Vilaça and Duarte Duque      
16:20 Session 8: VR Therapy      
16:20 Prosthetic Rehabilitation Training in Virtual Reality      
  Darpan Dhawan, Michael Barlow and Erandi Lakshika      
16:40 Developing a Patient-Centered Virtual Reality Healthcare System To Prevent the Onset of Delirium in ICU Patients      
  Marko Suvajdzic, Azra Bihorac, Parisa Rashidi, Matthew Ruppert, Seth Williams, Triton Ong, Tezcan Ozrazgat-Baslanti and Joel Applebaum      
17:00 Heart rate and Breathing Variability for Virtual Reality Game Play      
  Teeranan Charoensook, Michael Barlow and Erandi Lakshika