Keynote speaker

Mr. Pedro Pinto

CEO of Take The Wind
Coimbra, Portugal

Virtual Patients - the game changer to accelerate clinical education

Summary: Like in many other human activities, critical thinking is the key to achieve high performance and avoid fatal errors in healthcare. The development of knowledge and clinical reasoning is influenced not only by students’ intrinsic factors but also by extrinsic factors such as satisfaction with taught content, engaging didactic methods, safeness and a structured learning pathway. Nevertheless, medical education systems are quite slow and the need for healthcare professionals is growing exponentially worldwide. The learning process demands for a new didactic and an experiential approach that combine the integration of knowledge acquisition, clinical skills and attitudes since early educational stages. 3D technologies, AR and artificial intelligence on human physiology are raising new educational standards based on interactive virtual patients: always available, mistake friendly and covering a huge diversity of clinical situations. Virtual patients are the learning accelerators for clinical education and competency assessment, bringing to the table a disruptive and performance data-driven didactic.

Biography: Pedro founded Take The Wind (TTW) in 2008 to provide technology solutions and digital content for medical education and clinical decision-making. TTW has a subsidiary in Austin, Texas, USA (Body Interact Inc.) and has been doing international business with leading hospitals, universities, accreditation providers and the pharma industry in 41 countries. Based on a passion for customers and his strategic thinking, Pedro has developed a strong expertise in anticipating client and market needs. Based on his commitment and this way of doing business, Pedro created more a relevant portfolio break-through products in cognitive skills education, having Body Interact™ as remarkable example of a global product for clinical education.

During these years, as CEO of TTW, won remarkable prizes such as:

  • ● EMF 2012 Award “Seal of European e-Excellence in Digital Media” (first prize)
  • ● Best Product in Show Award at IMSH 2016 (International Society of Medical Simulation), San Diego, US
  • ● Seal of Excellence 2016, 2017, 2018 certificate delivered by the European Commission (SME Instrument)
  • ● SME excellence 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, a prize that recognizes Portuguese companies with high management performance
  • ● Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) 2017 and 2019
  • ● Born from Knowledge 2018 Award by Portuguese Innovation Agency (ANI)
  • ● World Summit Award 2018 from United Nations, considering Body Interact as a top5 technology with social impact in learning and education worldwide
  • ● e-Learning Japan 2019 Award

Prior to this, Pedro spent 5 years managing his own business consultancy services, served as World Bank Project Coordinator in Latin America and 10 years as partner and CEO of an educational software international company. He studied Economics at Coimbra University, Portugal and is an International Business post-graduate from Instituto de Estudos Superiores Financeiros e Fiscais do Porto, Portugal.

Michael Fergusson

CEO of Ayogo Health Inc.

How Games Designers Can Save the World

Summary: For the past decade, the discussion of serious applications in game design centre around the development of, well, games. This misses the true power and reach of game psychology. By broadening our frame of reference we can begin to see how the design patterns that are used to create meaning and engage human attention can have a more fundamental impact on the biggest problems impacting society: healthcare, education, the environment, and beyond.

Biography: Michael is an accomplished entrepreneur with a broad base of expertise: product innovation, team building, and other aspects of initializing and building great early stage technology company; user experience (UX), mobile apps, patient engagement, and gamification. In 2012, he was Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year and was named to the PharmaVoice 100, a list of the 100 most inspiring people in Life Sciences. Michael has also been a grand champion and a multi-gold medalist at the Western Canadian Martial Arts championships. As an innovator with patents and peer-reviewed publications in computer-human interaction and co-author of several international standards, he’s been an invited speaker at business, scientific, clinical, and design conferences all over the world.

In 2011, Michael founded Ayogo, a pioneering digital health company, drawing on behavioural economics, design thinking, and psychology to activate patients for better health outcomes. With customers that include skill of the most highly regarded companies in life science, pharmaceutical, and medical technology, the amazing Ayogo team creates award-winning health apps that are efficient, effective, and fun. Under Michael’s leadership Ayogo has:

  • ● Twice been recognized as one of the top 100 most innovative digital health companies in the world
  • ● Won the inaugural “Spirit of BC Tech” Award at the 2018 Technology Impact Awards
  • ● Won the Professional Services Category at BC Export Awards 2018
  • ● Named to Ready to Rocket 2018 list for the third time - Digital Health