Wednesday, 11 MayThursday, 12 MayFriday, 13 May
    8.30 amRegistration  8.30 amRegistration
    9.00 amInvited Lecture - Matthias Rauterberg  9.00 amInvited Lecture - Clint Bowers & Jan Cannon-Bowers
    9.50 amSession 3: Games for Children  9.50 amSession 6: Design
   10.50 amCoffee Break 11.10 am Coffee Break
   11.10 amSession 4: Training 11.10 amPoster Session
1.00 pmRegistration 1.10 pmLunch 11.50 pmSession 7: Games & Aging
2.00 pmOpening Session 2.30 pmSession 5: Serious Games II  1.10 pmClosing Session
2.10 pmInvited Lecture - Esteban Clua 3.55pmDemonstrations  Best Paper Award
3.00 pmSession 1: Social and Emotional     Wrap-up + Announcement of SEGAH 2017
4.00 pmCoffee Break      
4.20 pmSession 2: Serious Games I      
   4.45pmSocial Event   
   6.00 pmConference Dinner  


Session 1: Social and Emotional
3.00 pm Enhancing Protective Role-Playing Behaviors through Avatar-Based Scenarios
  Charles Hughes, Jennifer Epstein, Thomas Hall, Kathleen Ingraham and Darin Hughes
3.20 pmPlaying at Empathy: Representing and Experiencing Emotional Growth through Twine Games
 Anastasia Salter
3.40 pmKid-Ney's Journey: a Game to Support Treatment Selection for People with Chronic Kidney Failure
 Anne Carlijn Vis
4.00 pmANSIBLE: A Virtual World for Enhancing Social Connectedness for Future Space Exploration Missions
 Peggy Wu, Tammy Ott and Jacquelyn Morie
Session 2: Serious Games I
4.20 pmA fully customizable truck-driving simulator for the care of people suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
 Adrien Ecrepont, Corentin Haidon, Benoit Girard and Bob-Antoine Jerry Menelas
4.40 pmCardiac Auscultation Serious Game Approach
 Alvaro Joffre Uribe Quevedo, David Rojas, Muhammad Usman, Bill Kapralos, Fuad Moussa, Adam Dubrowski and Norman Jaimes
5.00 pmK21 - An Augmented Reality Serious Game for Down's Syndrome Children
 Paulo Roberto Oliveira, Alexandre Cardoso and Edgard Lamounier
Session 3: Games for Children
9.50 ameMot-iCan: Design of an Assessment Game for Emotion Recognition in Players with Autism
 Deborah Sturm, Bertram Ploog and Ed Peppe
10.10 amA serious game to treat childhood obesity
 Simon Mayr, Lev Ledit, Paolo Petta, Christiane Eichenberg and Brigitte Sindelar
10.30 amDesign, Implementation and Evaluation of a Game-Based Intervention Targeting Latino Children for Improving Obesity Outcomes
 Ashish Amresh, Rahul Salla, Madhumita Sinha and Rebecca Birr
Session 4: Training
11.10 amSepsis Fast Track: A Simulation Game for Clinical Education based on the Sepsis Fast Track Protocol
 Claudia Ribeiro, Micaela Monteiro and Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge
11.30 amPsychomotor Skills Measurement for Surgery Training using Game-based Methods
  Tom Carbone, Rudy McDaniel and Charles Hughes
11.50 amEnhancing Combat Medic Training with 3D Virtual Environments
 Randy Brown, Steve McIlwain, Brad Willson and Matthew Hackett
12.10 pmForce Modeling and Gamification for Epidural Anesthesia Training
 Aura Conci, André Luiz Brazil, Reinaldo Rodriguez Ramos, Noel Rodriguez-Hernandez, Leonardo Kayat Bittencourt and Esteban Walter Gonzalez Clua
12.30 pmBeyond Fun and Games: Towards an Adaptive and Emergent Learning Platform for Pre-Med Students With the UT TIME Portal
 Marjorie Zielke, Djakhangir Zakhidov, Daniel Jacob and Gary Hardee
12.50 pmA taxonomy for digital badge design in medical technologies
 Rudy McDaniel
Session 5: Serious Games II
2.30 pmA Serious Game to Improve Posture and Spinal Health While Having Fun
 Maria Andreia F. Rodrigues, Daniel V. Macedo, Herleson P. Pontes, Yvens R. Serpa and Ygor R. Serpa
2.50 pmHow Would You Like to be Rewarded? Relating the Big-Five Personality Traits with Reward Contingency in a Cognitive Training Puzzle Game
 Aniket Nagle, Robert Riener and Peter Wolf
3.10 pmVideo Game Experience and Basic Robotic Skills
 Alyssa Tanaka, Roger Smith and Charles Hughes
3.30 pmSerious Games, based on Augmented Reality, related to Patient Health Treatment: A Systematic Review
 Pollyana Mustaro, Alexandre Cardoso and Edgard Lamounier
Session 6: Design
9.50 amArchitecture to Portals of Serious Games and Virtual Environments with Performance Evaluation during Sequences of Activities
 Thaise K. L. Costa, Liliane S. Machado, Ana Maria G. Valença and Ronei M. Moraes
10.10 amUser Experience Design Considerations for Healthcare Games and Applications
 Carrie Crossley, Joseph R. Fanfarelli and Rudy McDaniel
10.30 amRobust phoneme recognition for a speech therapy environment
 Andre Grossinho, Isabel Guimaraes, Joao Magalhaes and Sofia Cavaco
10.50 amA Secure Framework for Sharing Electronic Health Records over Clouds
 Ahmed Ibrahim, Baban Mahmood and Mukesh Singhal
Session 7: Games & Aging
11.50 pmVirtual Promenade: A New Serious Game for the Rehabilitation of Older Adults with Post-fall Syndrome
 Pierre Wargnier, Edmond Phuong, Kévin Marivan, Samuel Benveniste, Frédéric Bloch, Serge Reingewirtz, Gilles Kemoun and Anne-Sophie Rigaud
12.10 pmSMAI - Mobile System for Elderly Monitoring
 Matheus Costa Stutzel, Michel Fillipo, Alexandre Sztajnberg, André Brittes and Luciana Branco Da Motta
12.30 pmSerious games for the cognitive stimulation of Elderly People
 Rodríguez Fórtiz María José, Carlos Rodríguez-Domínguez, Cano Olivares Pedro, Revelles-Moreno Jorge, Rodríguez-Almendros Maria Luisa, Hurtado-Tores María Visitación and Rute-Pérez Sandra
12.50 pmField Evaluation with Cognitively-Impaired Older Adults of Attention Management in the Embodied Conversational Agent Louise
 Pierre Wargnier, Giovanni Carletti, Yann Laurent, Samuel Benveniste, Pierre Jouvelot and Anne-Sophie Rigaud
Poster Session
1 - Affordable Immersive Narratives Applied to Social Phobia Assisted Treatment. Case Study: Anxiety Disorders
Daniella Cardona, Christian Quintero, Carlos Rocha and Wilson Sarmiento
2 - A Curious Relationship between Feeling Level and Cognitive Function in Female Brain during Pregnancy and Childbearing
Hiroko Kotani, Maka Matsuno and Hidenori Nakagawa
3 - A Natural Locomotion Interface: Its Impact on Presence and Usage in a Social-media Charity Event for Mental Health
James Dannatt, Michael Barlow and Erandi Lakshika
4 - Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment with Evolutionary Algorithm in Games for Rehabilitation Robotics
Kleber Andrade, Marcio Crocomo, Glauco Caurin and Thales Pasqual
5 - Motivating Elderly To Exercise - Recreational Virtual Environment for Indoor Biking
Jon Ram Bruun-Pedersen, Stefania Serafin and Lise Busk Kofoed
6 - Designing the Model Patient: Data-Driven Virtual Patients in Medical Education
Dmitriy Babichenko, Marek Druzdzel, Jonathan Velez, Lorin Grieve, Ravi Patel, Taylor Neal, James McCray, Rae-Djamaal Wallace and Sean Jenkins
7 - Accelerating the Pace of Research through Technology Innovation
Michael Powell and Wilson To
8 - Alternate Reality Serious Game to Prevent Aedes Aegypti Proliferation
Rodrigo Domingues, Alexandre Cardoso and Pollyana Mustaro
9 - MyDailyRoutine - A Serious Game to Support People Suffering from a Cerebral Dysfunction
René Baranyi, Rafael Perndorfer, Nadja Lederer, Birgit Scholz and Thomas Grechenig
10 - The Design Process of an e-Health project - Applying the HSI framework for interface analysis
Cláudia Pernencar and Teresa Romão
11 - Improving Perspective Taking and Empathy in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Darin Hughes, Eleazar Vasquez and Erika Nicsinger
12 - Outcome-focused design for health education games Understanding playing techniques and values reinforced by a game's procedural rhetoric
Emily Johnson
13 - A 3D Serious Game for Medical Students Training in Clinical Cases
Rodrigo Lima, Araken Santos, Francisco Milton Mendes Neto, Ademar Sousa Neto, Felipe Leão, Francisco Macedo and Anne Canuto
14 - Kidney Segmentation in 3D CT Images Using B-Spline Explicit Active Surfaces
Helena Torres, Bruno Oliveira, Sandro Queirós, Pedro Morais, Jaime C. Fonseca, Jan D'Hooge, Nuno F. Rodrigues and João L. Vilaça
15 - Acupressure Game System with Interactive Installations
Jing-Hui Xu, Chun-Tsai Wu and Szu-Ming Chung
16 - Analysis and review of apps and serious games on mobile devices intended for people with visual impairment
Maria Isabel Torres-Carazo, Rodríguez Fórtiz María José and Maria Visitación Hurtado
17 - Interactive Narrative: Model and Application to Improve Children's Health Habits
Pablo Andres Diaz, Carlos Alberto Rocha, Christian David Quintero and Wilson J. Sarmiento
18 - Serious Games Taxonomy: Virtual Clinic Learning Environment
Joshua Peery
19 - Personalized Serious Games for Surgical Training: A Systematic Review
Silvia López Gómez, Eva Oliveira, Nuno F. Rodrigues, Duarte Duque, João L. Vilaça